Sonny Security barrier and gate installations are your safety solution and are designed to be reliable while also guaranteed for the safety of all vehicles and persons passing through them while they require minimal maintenance.

For all our automated barrier systems and gates we ensure compliance with all health and safety legislation and the range of perimeter. Sonny Security barrier and gate installations can all be connected with Access Control equipment as well as CCTV and Alarm Systems, for fully comprehensive on-site security. (In a few cases compatibility has been an issue)

Sonny Security barrier and gate installations can protect your premises with a complete perimeter security solution including:

Sonny Security barrier and gate installations experience, always works in your favour as we consistently sell and place top quality crane products from our petroleum equipment company

Our installations are manufactures beyond all quality and structural qualification and safety standards.

At Sonny Security barrier and gate installations We are an Experienced Installation Team. Our service technicians are not only experts in crane and gate installations they have all the skills to deal with our customers on a one to one basis without the need of a middle contact and leave you satisfied every step of the way after they leave.

We are there for you in case of emergency 24/7

Sonny Security barrier and gate installations is a supplier and installer of safety parameter protection gates and dock equipment for industrial sector since 1985. Utilizing the latest in technology and implementing the highest level of quality, For these years we have been able to deliver the quality we promise. Mostly the equipment and installations we design and sell can pay for themselves in a relatively short time, while improving functionality and saving time and cost of energy.

We Specialize In:   *Industrial Doors & Gates    *Sliding Doors  *Barrier Gates [Fast & Regular] *Loop Detector for Controlling Traffic     *Exit and Telescopic Gates #top Call Sonny Ganjapour  “Owner/CEO”  For a free quote. Call / Text 416 347 6505 Or Email:
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