Sonnyhomeandbuildingservices’s Skilled workers are experts!

They do more than just remodel and finish your basement. We do a complete clean-up and remove, “before and after” we will look at every detail helpful to transform your basement storage-space into living space. We also offer other services in connection with your renovation. We will do a complete one-stop job. Do you like to have a fancy bar? We build it, a special non intrusive place to watch TV? you got it. A storage room? No problem. Flooring? Carpet, wood, laminate, Linoleum, Tiles, we can do it the perfect way. This means one quote and the same crew. You don’t need other contractors when working with us.

You can do anything you need to complement your living space. Create an extra bedroom, a home gym, a home office room, an extra shower or complete bathroom. If that doesn’t suit your needs, consider adding a children’s play area, or a complete guest area with kitchen & bath/shower.

If not specifically indicated our quote is for the highest quality materials available. This to ensure, to add an incredible value to your home and to enjoy it with your friends and family everyday.  

Contact us today to schedule your free in-home project evaluation. Call, email or use the form on the CONTACT PAGE.  We are a Reliable, Efficient, and Quality oriented Basement Restoration Services. Call for a free quote or consultation

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Scarborough, Ontario