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Sunny Home Renovation can take care of your complete outdoors project. Look no further for your super deck with a special barbeque space. Our team of skilled deck builders always aim for nothing but the best end results. We can help you with a matching design; building you the best fence and deck for a budget that fits you!

We’ll help with planning, design, and everything else you need to build the ideal fence or deck!

We’re happy to talk to you about your vision and needs, and put together an estimate that works for you. Our estimates are 100% commitment-free- no charge and fully transparent about what you’re paying for and how we operate.

One type of fence used for property and decks is “Post & Rail fencing. However fences are usually found in ranches. The low cost of post & rail fences makes them a popular option not just for ranch owners. Putting fencing around a large area; Post & Rail fence is less expensive than any other system. Obviously, the former requires fewer materials, so costs are considerable lower. It also takes less time to install, so installation will also cost less. If you have a large property  this option could be the best for you. Call us to save money.

If you like the rustic quality that this type of fencing adds to a property, then by all means, install a post & rail fence around your garden. Although you also have to consider privacy before making this decision.

For more privacy modern style fences are becoming more and more popular for both decorative and practical reasons. They often have built-in outdoor lights and sometimes shelves for planters. If you have a smaller backyard with less space for a garden, why not plant your garden vertically along your fence? Or if you just like the look of a modern fence over traditional or rustic, we can show you some samples and build a perfect fence.

We use the best suppliers of wood and composite decking to be able to offer the best quality and prices on the deck market.                             

Our team of skilled deck builders have an extensive experience, which is your guarantee that your deck project is built to your satisfaction, Rest assured you are in good hands, we will not leave before you tell us that you are happy with the job.

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