1] A Complete before closing roof to basement inspection.

2] Pre listing home inspection.

3] Limited before purchase inspection and price advice.

4] Free Fix-Up home inspection before putting it on the market.

5] Insurance Home Inspection

Sunny Home Inspections We will give you a list of the things that need to be fixed because they  are eye catchers that may turn off buyers or they may haggle on the  price because of it. We also will let you know what items there are that  may not pass a Home inspection. Call for  a free quote  416 347 6505  sonnyhomereno@gmail.com

Additional Inspection Services Available:

Particular requests.

Thermal Imaging.

Carbon Monoxide Testing.

Moisture Meter Testing.

Are you going to, or bought a Fixer-upper? We can help you in many ways.

Need an opinion, an idea of your options, want a quote we are here to help.


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Scarborough, Ontario